Mom says to continue to follow social distancing guidelines, even on Mother’s Day.  Listen to your mother!  We will have many more years ahead to get up close and personal, but let’s stay on track with COVID-19 this Mother’s Day and continue to follow the guidelines offered by the health authorities.

BRUNCH…and other fun things to do with Mom

1. Mother’s Day Brunch at….Home

It’s time to step up Guys and Kiddos — Here’s a fun twist on Mother’s Day Brunch

Make all of Mom’s favorite brunch goodies, turn off the television, phones, everything!  Make mimosas, order flowers, what else does Mom like?

Then when you think you have done enough, turn on her favorite movie and either enjoy it with her, or get lost and let her enjoy it alone.  Let Mom decide which works better for her.

2. Pick Your Favorite Mother’s Day Brunch Spot in Fort Worth for CARRY-OUT or DELIVERY

Support The Fort — Eat Local and Eat Often! Here’s a great list of Fort Worth Restaurants offering Curbside Service and Delivery.

3. Enjoy a Stroll or Bike Ride Along the Trinity Trails

Please follow all city guidelines regarding park closures and social distancing guidelines.

The Trinity Trails is always a great family outing.  Extending through Fort Worth for over 70 miles along the Trinity River, The Trinity Trails is a wonderful trek for hikers, bikers, runners, and horseback riders and a special outing with Mom.

Click here for a helpful list!

4. Every Mom loves flowers! SAVE $10

Here’s an idea that doesn’t take any social distancing thought to it.  Order Mom flowers or a beautiful spring flower arrangement.  What’s Up staffers use Gordon Boswell Florist.  Limited daily deliveries due to COVID-19, but curbside pick up is available.  Plan your delivery or pick up dates on Monday thru Wednesday next week (May 4-6) and get $10 off.  Just add Coupon Code MOM2020 online or by phone.

Save $$$ on Flowers for Mom!

5. Indulge in Some (Online) Retail Therapy with Mom

Every mom has “a thing” or favorite store.  Treat your mom to an afternoon of online shopping and buy her something nice, something she would not have bought for herself. It may not be quite the same as strolling around town together arm-in-arm and actually seeing the goods in person, but it could be fun searching for items on your phones, sitting around the kitchen table.   #Support Our Fort.  We love supporting Fort Worth businesses so that’s always a Bonus.  A good day of shopping is always followed by a good glass of wine at your favorite spot.   OK so the favorite spot is not available but part of the Mother’s Day treat is you bringing the wine!

6. Host Your Own SIP and PAINT Class

While you can’t head to an art studio for a wine and painting event right now, you can bring the same creative fun home by ordering some art supplies online and opening a bottle of your finest Cab. Pick a subject (like the fruit bowl on your kitchen counter or Dad lounging on the sofa) and start painting. Just don’t expect  Mom to hang your work of art in the living room?  Don’t like the PAINT part of this idea, no problem…..Host Your Own Sip and Sit with Mom.  How’s that?

7. Give Mom a Mani-Pedi

How long have we been under Shelter in Place?  That is way too long to go without a mani-pedi, right?  Treat Mom to a little pampering to encourage mother-daughter bonding. It’s OK if it doesn’t look quite as flawless as a professional mani-pedi—it’s Mother’s Day…this is about spending quality time together. (Besides, who’s going to see it, anyway?)


Wine is a recurring element in #s 1-7 above, so let’s give wine it’s own due at #8.  If you are not able to spend time with Mom this Mother’s Day, set up a virtual Wine Tasting or Wine Day.  Have the wine delivered ahead of time, complete with glasses, cheese and crackers, the whole works.  Now, just Facetime and Enjoy!


Order supplies online beforehand and then spend the day potting, planting, pruning, and bonding.

10. Adopt a Giraffe for Mom

The Fort Worth Zoo offers a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Adopt a giraffe in honor of Mom this year! The adoption fees contribute to the care and feeding of our herd for one full year. In addition to our regular adoption package, we are offering an all-digital package, which provides a no-contact way to celebrate the occasion. The Fort Worth Zoo knows that this is a financially difficult time for many, so the digital adoption gift can be purchased with a pay-what-you-can donation.

Adopt a Giraffe for Mother’s Day!

11.  Plan a Game Night for Mom

You know what games Mom likes to play—card games, board games, charades, or any other party game.  If Mom likes it, let’s play it!

12.  No Work Pass

OK this should be a given.  Moms do not work on Mother’s Day.  If your mom tries to participate in work activities,  present her with a “No Work Pass” for the day.  Sit her down and take over.

13. Custom Coupons for Mom

We all like to have something to look forward to…

Since all of our focus is when the coronavirus crisis will be over and when we will be back to normal (the new normal, that is), put a coupon book together for things that you want to do with Mom when the world opens up.  Ideas are easy—lunch and a movie, a wine outing or Happy Hour, a spa day.  The list is endless and it gives Mom lots more things to look forward to, when COVID-19 is behind us.

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Mom says to continue to follow social distancing guidelines, even on Mother’s Day.  Listen to your mother!  We will have many more years ahead to get up close and personal, but let’s stay on track with COVID-19 this Mother’s Day and continue to follow the guidelines...

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